The Rahway Public Library is committed to foster, enrich, and sustain lifelong learning and literacy. We uphold this mission by preserving the public’s free access to vital information, services, and technologies. But as strong as our commitments are, without public support and participation, this mission cannot be realized. We strongly encourage all our patrons, local businesses, and organizations to consider taking on an active roll by supporting the values and services of the Rahway Public Library. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding library support. If you have any specific questions that you would like to ask, please email us at

What are the highest funding priorities at the Rahway Public Library?
Our highest priority will always be our collection. At the Rahway Public Library, we are committed to providing the quality materials that meet the educational and recreational needs of our community. We are always excited to receive any gift that can be applied to the purchase of a new book, CD, DVD, encyclopedia set, and the like.

But libraries are not all about books. Today, libraries rely increasingly on automated, virtual, and electronic resources. By giving to the library, you could help pave the way for e-books or a downloadable audio book collection. Your gift may also be applied towards the purchase of the sophisticated online databases that have become today’s premier research resources. Gifts to the library may even be used to upgrade or replace the aging PCs our public uses for job seeking, research, and resume writing.

Is there a suggested donation?
The minimum suggested donation is $30. For that amount, the library can purchase either a book, CD or DVD as well as cover the shipping and processing fees associated with these materials. Bookplates indicating the donor’s name with be included in all materials purchased with gifts of $250 or more. More prolific donors may also choose to apply their gift to specific items such as new computers, encyclopedia sets, databases, or furniture. Donation forms can be found here. Please return them to the address provided.

I can only afford a small gift. Will that do the library any good?
Of course! By donating to the Rahway Public library, you are taking an active roll in furthering the library’s values. No gift will ever go unnoticed. Just a few dollars can help with the purchase of a book, CD, or DVD. Smaller donations may also be pooled and applied to items like computers, encyclopedia sets, or online databases.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes, as allowable by law.

Who can I contact to discuss my gift?
Please email all inquiries to

I can’t afford a donation at this time. Are there other ways I can contribute to the library?
Absolutely. Even if you are unable to make a donation at this time, we still encourage you to think about sharing something every bit as valuable – your time. By volunteering at the Rahway Public Library, you help share in our mission of quality service. Just a few hours a week can help us see that our books get shelved, that our teen and adult programs are monitored, and that our stacks are kept orderly.

If you would like to take on a more active roll in library advocacy, fundraising, and fostering literacy in the community, please consider joining the Friends of the Rahway Public Library. This group works closely with the library by fostering special programs and projects and working with the library on long-term goals.

Do you accept book donations?
The Rahway Public Library accepts only contemporary, hardcover fiction and general-interest non-fiction and biographies. Donations may be added to the collection or may be sold at our ongoing book sale. Once a year, usually around June, the Friends of the Rahway Public Library will hold a larger book sale. If you are interested in donating items that do not meet the above criteria, we encourage you to donate your books at that time.

To download our donation form, click here!