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History/Social Studies

Kids On-line Resources/History & Social Studies
Information about American, World and Ancient History. Games and activities for kids of all ages, parents and teachers.

History for kids
Learn about the events of the past. Articles from early man to current events. Games and activities for children and grown-ups.

Official Kids Site for the U.S. Government
Information about our government; for children and adults.

States and Capitals
Learn facts and other useful information about the United States. Maps included.

Current Events to World History
Interesting facts about our Presidents and other social studies topics.


On-line Dictionary
Find math words and terms.

Educational Games & Math Resources
Counting, numbers, operations. Games for all ages.

Math Skills/ Practice
Educational games and practice for kids from Pre-K to Grade 8.

Math Skill Tests
Solve problems, build your math skills. Grades 1-12.


Astronomy for kids
Learn about the Solar System. Everything you want to know about the moon, planets, asteroids, comets and space travel. For all ages.

Space Science
Links to space and other science activities. For grades K-12, parents and teachers.

Interactive Weather Information
Interactive games, maps and activities for children and grown-ups.

Weather Info for Kids
Learn all about the fascinating world of weather. (hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, etc.)

America’s Wildlife Resources
Learn about plants and animals. Wildlife guides, fun and games for all ages.

Language Arts/Reading

ABC Phonics
Cartoons and sounds are used to teach phonics and common words.

Learning resources for children & parents
ABC activities, games, nursery rhymes and stories.

Learn vocabulary with pictures, sounds & games.

On-line books for kids
Read along story books for kids.

Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes
Nursery rhymes, songs, videos and coloring pages for young children.

Reading Comprehension
Variety of resources and activities for kids, parents, teachers, principals, and librarians.

Spelling and vocabulary
Games for all grade levels

Learn to Read with Phonics
Games and on-line interactive activities teach children to read. For preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade.

Fun and Games

Educational games
Videos and art activities for children.

Fun and Games
Join the muppets for fun and games; for young children.